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The Dearborn Memorial Project began in 2010, when Lisa Lark  began researching the Vietnam fallen from her hometown of Dearborn, MI. Since then, we have focused on researching and remembering the men and women who  have sacrificed their lives for their country.


Our goal is to use public and historical resources, first-person recollections, and contemporary media sources to tell the stories of the men and women lost in America's wars.


Since 2010, we have performed historical research on more than 500 service members and created more than 200 biographies.​


Photo by Nicholas McIntosh


Lisa Lark is the author of All They Left Behind: Legacies of the Men and Women on the Wall and There and Back: The Vietnam War through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It. Both are available through MT Publishing. 

She has received a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Hometown Heroes Award and the 2011 Michigan American Legion Teacher of the Year award for her work honoring those who have given their lives in service to the United States.


Photo by Nicholas McIntosh

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